A Minister & His Taxes

It is the time of the year that everyone is thinking about income taxes.  The enclosed article talks about some of the unique differences in ministers taxes. Pay close attention to the section about ministry expenses. This section describes how all ministry expenses might not all be deductible.  It is a section that most tax preparer do not know anything about. 

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There Comes a Time in Leadership...

There comes a time in every leadership experience when YOUR role as a leader must change in order for the organization to advance. Go ahead and soak that up...

Whether in business or ministry, the only constant is change. Specifically, every organization comes to a point in size and scope that, in order to get over a statistical hump, leadership must make a shift. Here's an example:

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Tax Free Gifts to the Pastor

I received an email the other day that talked about a church that wanted to bless their pastor with a gift.  The church wanted to give their pastor a $10,000 gift, but the church wanted to fix the gift so that the pastor would get gift, tax free.  The church did not want the pastor to have to pay any taxes to the IRS or to his state government, on the money.    

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