20 Church Forms You Might Need To Correct

For the month of January, church leaders were hurrying around trying to get all of the 2015 year-end reports finished so they could be filed with the various government agencies on time and sent out to all of the different places that the forms needed to go to. 

During this month I have been receiving telephone calls from some of the church leaders, and the telephone calls go something like this. “David, I just finished sending off the church’s Fourth Quarter 941 Payroll Report and I found a mistake, what do I do now?” or maybe “David, I think I made a mistake when I filed the W-2’s for our church, what do I do now?”        

That is a good question, “I made a mistake, what do I do now.”

Some of you might say, “I use a payroll service so all of my forms are correct.” That is not always true.  After working with many of the major payroll services for the past 30 years, mistakes do occur.  Mistakes can happen on the part of the payroll service and on the part of the person giving the information to the payroll service. Others do not use a payroll service and there can be mistakes made there as well.

The church is also involved with many forms that need to be file with government agencies that do not involve the ongoing payroll.

I have attached file for you that compares the forms that might have submitted and what you need to do to update them.


I cannot cover all of the possible forms that there are. If you have a form that I did not mention and need some help, contact me by clicking here.