There Comes a Time in Leadership...

There comes a time in every leadership experience when YOUR role as a leader must change in order for the organization to advance. Go ahead and soak that up...

Whether in business or ministry, the only constant is change. Specifically, every organization comes to a point in size and scope that, in order to get over a statistical hump, leadership must make a shift. Here's an example:

If you're a pastor that has an incredible heart for shepherding, then you naturally have a desire to know the names of every member of your "flock." You strive to know what's happening in their lives, the good times and the bad. You want to add every need to your personal prayer list. Having the pulse of every member at a micro level is what keeps you jazzed up. This is an incredible trait and calling until...

Until your church reaches 350-400 people (give or take a few). Then it becomes statistically almost impossible to keep the pulse of every member's life. You'll try. You'll resist. Then you'll realize that if you want to keep growing (by the way, if you aren't growing, your regressing), then you need to scale. You need to add staff and/or change structure. Your role will shift to lead the new staff and structure rather than touching the life of every individual member.

Any organization that intends to grow must scale, usually adding personnel and resources. Structure must shift. Investments must be made. Change is necessary. 

Are you resistant?
Are you the cause of stagnation in your organization?
Are you prepared to shift your role to an equipping leader?
Have you considered the steps you need to take to continue growth?

Don't be the cause of stagnation and regression because you aren't willing to change your own role.