One Hour Leadership & Financial Consultation


One Hour Leadership & Financial Consultation

105.00 175.00

40% OFF regular hourly rate. Purchase discounted hours of phone consultation. Consultation is limited to two contacts within your organization. You will be required to specify at least one name at the time of checkout.

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One hour Prepaid Telephone Consultation Fee is $105 per hour. Our normal consultation fee is $175 per hour. For churches, nonprofit ministries and ministers we have reduced the normal fee by 40% to $105 per hour when the amount is prepaid for one hour.

Here is how it works:

  1. You prepay for a one hour consultation. Then you call and we will talk. If we only spend 45 minutes on the phone, then you have 15 minutes toward the next telephone consultation.
  2. During checkout, you will designate two people from your church or nonprofit ministry who can call and use any remaining prepaid time.
  3. To receive the best value for your time and money, please be organized when you call. We will agree on the starting time and ending time of the consultation.
  4. If you have some type of document you would like me to review, please fax (925-463-3791) or e-mail to the document prior to the telephone call.
  5. PLEASE CALL IN ADVANCE TO SET UP A TELEPHONE APPOINTMENT: 925-463-8940. Telephone appointments are available 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. PST Monday thru Thursday.  Other times are available for special circumstances.
  6. I will take some extra time with you on the phone gathering contact information as well as learning more about you, but this extra time will not be considered consultation time.