When it comes to policies and procedures, you ask, “Where do we start?”

A church Policies and Procedures Manual for the church is the church’s guide.  It determines ahead of time how the church will function and who is responsible if a particular event occurs.

Policies are a direct link between the church’s vision and day to day operations. 

Procedures are a series of routine steps to accomplish an action. Well written procedures eliminate misunderstandings by identifying job responsibilities and establishing boundaries.

When we have policies and procedures, we respond more Christlike in difficult situations. Without them we “react” many times, not very well. 

Many church leaders have a difficult time accepting the fact that a church is required to perform so many different tasks; some more difficult than others.  It is more complex today than it was 20 years ago. 

Policies and procedures will help the church conduct the business and ministry of the church in a way that is efficient, fair and consistent. They provide a variety of operational and administrative functions and guidelines that will enhance the ministry of the church. 

Often, one of the reasons many churches do not have any type of a formal Policies and Procedures Manual is that the development of the different policies and procedures can be tedious and intimidating.

We have over 90 different (and growing) policies and procedures that will serve as your foundation. These documents are in a easy to use format (MS Word or PDF) that you are able to immediately use or to edit to meet your specific church setting.  We have saved you over 900 hours in preparation time.  Multiplying that by the number of people on your planning team you can see the number of man hours saved. 

These policies and procedures will help you fine tune your direction, adding value to your process.