If you have problems with your computer, and you take the computer to a computer technician, wouldn’t you like to know that the technician has been trained to diagnose the problem efficiently and accurately? Likewise churches have been closed because of poor financial decisions. Good decisions require good information, adequate training will help to see that the good information is available.    

I The Team Member

  1. Calling from God
  2. Personal Commitment to God / Church
  3. Character of team member

II Understandings

  1. Values of Church
  2. Vision of the Church
  3. Different Ministries
  4. By laws

III Tasks to Evaluate

  1. Stewardship Education
  2. Budgeting and Reviews
  3. Accounting
  4. Analyze Giving & Cash Flow
  5. Handling, Receiving, Counting, Disbursement Procedures
  6. Long Range Planning
  7. Oversee Financial Matters of the Church