94 Forms the Church Needs to Destroy

Every church should have a Document Retention and Destruction Policy.   The purpose a Document Retention and Destruction Policy is to ensure that all of the official records are handled with care.  All of the many records that an organization has should be adequately protected and systematically maintained.  The church should discard records that are no longer needed or of no future value and determine a proper time to discard the records.

The church should take steps in the event of any pending or imminent government investigation (federal, state, or local), audit or proceeding, civil or criminal, with the suspension of any further destruction and disposal of all documents without the advice of legal counsel.       

Some records that are of a permanent nature should be retained for the life of the church.  In addition to paper documents, the church should understand that in the age of technology, electronic documents should be maintained, such as Web files, text files, e-mails, sound and movie files, excel files, PDF documents, and other types of electronics files.

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